We want to hear from you!!

You are encouraged to provide feedback on a new animal control bylaw prior to February 18 2018. Knowing that dog issues are taken care of by our contractor K-9 Control please fill out the questions below to assist us in creating an animal control bylaw to deal with the other animal issues we are facing in our community.

* 1. Do you have animal or wildlife issues in your neighbourhood

* 2. How do you feel about the Village of Lumby having a bylaw against the feeding of feral or wild animals?

* 3. What is the acceptable number of companion animals (household pets) that should be allowable per household?

* 4. Knowing that barking dogs, aggressive/biting dogs and dogs running loose are taken care of by our contractor:  
What is your top concern/priority out of the list below. Please use the comment field to voice any other animal control concerns (not dog related) that you have.

* 5. Please add comments concerning animal control in Lumby